One of the best ways to stay up-to-date with the world of philanthropy is to keep up with what’s happening around the country and around the globe. Reading different articles and blogs on philanthropic events, ideas, and endeavors will help you stay in the loop, but it’s unrealistic to do so with the mindset of reading everything that’s being written on the subject. To avoid overwhelming yourself, it’s important to identify a few key thought leaders and influencers whose knowledge and curated content will provide you with the information you need to be in the know without exhausting yourself. Check out these philanthropy blogs, and check back regularly for their new content!

If you’re a nonprofit who’s feeling overwhelmed with trying to stay on top of everything that you have to do, Carr Energy Inc. has the answer for you! This business produces a software called VolunteerHub which allows nonprofits to “streamline volunteer management and engagement” in order to maximize the hours donated. Their blog offers advice, insights, and anecdotes about philanthropy on topics ranging from finding the right volunteers to increasing your ROI.  

Let’s be honest: as a nonprofit, it’s not easy asking people for money. Luckily, Asking Matters is here to help. They provide a unique solution to that common “asking for money” stress by offering online training that helps each volunteer highlight their own strengths and skills when asking for money. Not only does it help your volunteers become more comfortable in their role, it also helps them connect with their work on a personal level.

If you’re looking to receive current news, Pursuant’s blog, The Intelligent Fundraiser, is one you’ll want to check out. Founded in 2001, Pursuant provides nonprofits with online solutions like automated marketing and productivity tools to help them reach more donors and raise more money.

Is your nonprofit having trouble connecting with the millennial demographic? Are you finding difficulty building audiences online? Do you want an in depth look at your targeted donor base and what their habits are? Achieve has the solutions for you. Their hands-on team works to develop an ever-evolving strategy with you to best suit your needs by not only collecting the data but also helping you interpret it and learn how to capitalize on it.